Simply stretch, wrap, and tear

Hexcel WrapPad™ is designed not only for the retail market but also the industrial market. Using HexcelPack HexcelWrap technology it was designed to be an extremely user-friendly pad format wrapping system. It’s simply the best solution to replace traditional tissue paper and tape used at retail locations to protect fragile items.

Hexcel WrapPad
Two great ways to use Hexcel WrapPad™
  1. Place Hexcel WrapPad™ on a desk or your working area using the simple and sturdy adhesive
  2. Hang Hexcel WrapPad™ vertically on a wall using wickets.

Sheet sizes unstretched are 15.25” x 22” and stretch to 12” x 36”.

Save time, easily recycle, and offer superior protection with Hexcel WrapPad™ by HexcelPack! Hexcel WrapPad™ is an all-in-one solution for retail and industrial applications.

See how Hexcel WrapPad™ can improve your wrapping process (and save the environment too!) from day 1!

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