The best alternative to bubble envelopes

Hexcel’ope™ is HexcelPack’s™ answer to the bubble envelope, which is every bit as destructive to the environment as bubble itself. Our Hexcel’ope™ mailer is made using the same patented, slit paper technology used in HexcelWrap™. All HexcelPack™ products are “curbside recyclable” which means that they are ready, as is, to go to the recycling plant with no pre-recycling steps necessary.

Hexcel’ope™ is licensed to IPG, the largest paper distributor in the US, who markets it as “The Curby Mailer™” and will soon to be used by the number one E-Commerce retailer in the world. Look for it- you will know it when you see it!

The Hexcel’ope™ is the latest & most innovative protective mailer on the market.

See how Hexcel’ope™ can improve your packaging from day 1!

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