The Power of Paper, Realized

HexcelStretch™ is an innovative 100% paper-based pallet wrapping system. A cost-effective and sustainable shipping solution, HexcelStretch™ is a fully-recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional pallet wrapping material.

Developed with high-tension PowerStretch™ technology designed specifically for pallet use, HexcelStretch™ provides maximum protection and adhesion to ensure integrity of goods during transport. The solution utilizes a new variation of HexcelPack’s groundbreaking slit paper technology with a unique slit pattern and eight times more cells than its sister product, HexcelWrap™. This process converts extensible paper into a three-dimensional, internationally patented cushioning product by making precise cuts at specific angles.

As a result, the paper product can stretch into shape, maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers, creating a much stronger wrap with the ability to nearly double in length. This leads to a robust, stretchable pallet wrapping product.

HexcelPack’s HexcelStretch™ is compatible with some semi-automatic pallet machines which, means it does not require modifications or special machinery. Customers can simply add the new material to their current pallet wrapping equipment and begin use immediately.

Key Benefits of HexcelPack’s HexcelStretch™ include:

Curbside recyclable

Reusable as void fill

Can be used on many pallet wrapping machines

PEFC certified Canadian virgin kraft

Eliminates the use of plastic for pallet wrapping
Part HSPW50
Description Industrial Roll - Kraft
Width 20in / 50.8cm
Length 2100ft / 640.08m expanded
Weight per Roll 30lb / 13.6078kg
Roll per Pallet 32


Pallets over 1250 pounds would benefit from a grip sheet.

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