When slit paper technology was first developed over 30 years ago, there was nothing like it on the market anywhere in the world. At the time it was deemed a novelty and did not garner much attention as the ecological benefits of using “curbside recyclable” paper were not nearly as relevant as they are today.

To be curbside recyclable an item needs to be able to go directly to a recycling facility and be immediately processed. Many recyclable products need pre-recycling conditioning to process them. Because of this, many of these “recyclable” items are simply not cost effective to recycle.

HexcelWrap’s™ cushioning characteristics outperform bubble for cushioning protection, and is better for the environment. Unlike one-use plastic bubble material which is difficult to recycle, the paper used to produce HexcelWrap™ is 100 percent curbside recyclable AND biodegradable. HexcelWrap™ will biodegrade in less than a month whereas plastic bubble takes over 100 years to do the same.

HexcelPack™ has received many international patents and pending patents for its innovative, sustainable packaging solutions, all of which utilize its expanded paper in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to achieve optimal cushioning and packaging simplicity in the industrial and retail markets.

The basis of HexcelPack™ products is its slit paper technology, which turns a piece of paper into a three-dimensional cushioning product by slitting it at the correct angle. This method makes the paper flex, maximize its volume and utilize the strength and stiffness of the paper fibers to create an superior cushioning product that replaces traditional plastic, bubble and other paper-based packaging products.

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