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Thank you for choosing HexcelPack, our team has put together some training videos to help you with the setup of your HexcelPack Packing Solution. If there is something that you would like to see that is not below, please reach out and we will create it for you! Thank you again for choosing the world’s most sustainable packaging solution, and happy packing!


1. How to Use AutoHexaFil

2. How to Set Up a Mini-Packing Station

3. How to Set Up a Mini Pack MP300/1400

4. How to Wrap Large Plates

5. How to Wrap Small Plates

6. How to Wrap Small Bottles

7. How to Wrap a Bottle of Wine

8. How to Wrap an Over-sized Item

9. How to Wrap a Cup With a Handle

10. How to Assemble an MPS 1100

11. How to Wrap Small Vitamin Bottles

12. How to Set Up The Hexcel Fil In a Box

13. How to Wrap Large Food Items

1. Cómo usar AutoHexaFill

2. Cómo preparar un Estación de Mini Packing

3. Cómo preparer un MiniPack MP300/1400

4. Cómo Envolver Platos Grandes

5. Cómo Envolver Platos Pequeños

6. Cómo Envolver Botellas Pequeñas

7. Cómo Envolver una Botella de Vino

8. Cómo Envolver un Artículo Sobredimensionado

9. Cómo Envolver una Taza con Asa

10. Cómo Armar un MPS 1100

11. Cómo Envolver Botellas Pequeñas de Vitamina

12. Cómo Preparar el Fil in a Box