HexcelPack™ was founded in 2014 using an updated version of a 30-year-old technology developed by David Goodrich, with the idea of using paper to replace the traditional, one-use plastic products that are prevalent throughout the world in the packaging industry.

HexcelPack’s™ proprietary slit paper technology was developed in the early 90’s when it was discovered that the hexagon is one of the strongest shapes to engineer, and it was possible to successfully manufacture slit paper using the hexagon shape.

Back then, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was still unknown, and most people had little awareness of the wide-ranging negative impact of plastic waste on ocean ecosystems. Today, a concern for preserving ocean ecology is the company’s driving influence – making recyclable, sustainable paper packaging products in lieu of plastic.

HexcelPack™ uses specialty kraft papers that make HexcelWrap™ completely unique. Today, it is the most copied, pirated protective paper wrap on the market, but none other than HexcelPack™ has the rights to manufacture its very own flagship product, invented by David Goodrich.

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