The perfect packing solution, built to be versatile and sustainable

In 3PL markets, we know that the most responsive and versatile solutions get the job done. That’s why we developed the Mini Pack™ which can be used quickly and effectively to scale to a new operation and just as easily be eliminated or removed when needed.

When you are ready to EXPAND so are we

During expansion, the Mini Pack™ can easily be replaced with the more cost-effective Hexcel Mini Packing Station™ if the growth warrants a more permanent solution. The beauty of HexcelPack’s™ products is that they are incredibly streamlined to begin with and require no infrastructure planning to implement. There is no power supply requirement, or set up requirements of any kind, making it the ideal addition to your 3PL’s packaging warehouse. Don’t just take our word for it, order a sample today!

HexcelPack™ offers the best, most versatile, and sustainable packaging solutions for 3PL’s. Period.

HexcelPack products are trusted by hundreds of 3PL’s and contract packagers worldwide

Protect your products with safer, more sustainable, and more reliable packing solutions by HexcelPack

HexcelPack dispensing systems ensure compatibility with all 3PL companies

Our dispensing systems can integrate seamlessly

And, did we mention the…

  • Superior cushioning
  • Ease of use
  • Positive environmental impact

See how HexcelPack’s™ dispensing systems can improve your 3PL packing setup from day 1!

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If a company wants to use a HexcelPack™ product, they merely need to order it, take it out of the box and use it! When they are done with it, if they’re using the Mini Pack™, they merely recycle it or if they’re using the Hexcel Mini Packing Station™, they merely return the expander to HexcelPack™. All HexcelPack™ products are designed for simple, intuitive ease of use.

Don’t waste time and money with expensive and non-sustainable plastic packing solutions. There is a better, simpler, and more sustainable way to protect your products. Give us a call today to take your 3PL packing system to the next level!