1. Customers can request a sample of our HexcelWrap™ protective cushioning paper wrap and our HexaFil™ void fill. We will then send a stemless wineglass, packaged with our innovative, state of the art protective wrap system at no charge.
  2. You can send us a sample of the items you wish to be shipped via our protective wrapping system and we will re-wrap your item with our HexcelWrap™ protective, cushioning wrap and our HexaFil™ void fill so that you can see how we would approach the protective wrapping of your specific consumer item to be shipped.
  3. We could send you a modest sample of HexcelWrap™ and HexaFil™ so that you could personally work with to see if it will meet your needs.

HexcelPack™ offers the best, most sustainable packaging solutions. Period.

See how HexcelPack’s™ packaging distribution systems can improve your e-commerce platform from day 1!

Please contact us today to order your free samples or send us your products for re-wrapping.

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