HexcelPack™ Products
All of our HexcelPack™ products are made exclusively from PEFC certified paper; HexcelPack™ products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.
Environmentally Responsible
By using HexcelPack™ products your company will be demonstrating your concern for the environment. Unlike polymer-based packaging materials, HexcelPack™ is 100% curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Your customers will thank you for being able to dispose of any HexcelWrap™ products with Ultra-Stretch
Technology in an environmentally and socially responsible way by simply recycling the material or reusing it.

Industrial Solution
Kraft Paper Certification
White Paper Certification
New for 2020!
World Wide Patent Pending
HexcelWrap™ with Ultra-Stretch™
still reduces the pulling force by 2/3 !
HexcelWrap™ with Ultra-Stretch™ is a new worldwide patent pending product for 2020 that makes expanding HexcelWrap™ easier by over 66% - from 6 pounds to under 2 pounds. Learning how to use HexcelWrap™ is now more intuitive and even easier than before with all the previous benefits. Ultra -Stretch™ was designed specifically for the MiniPack™ but, its properties benefited all application types and is now used in 100% of our products. Ultra -Stretch™ is still 100% paper – the most sustainable material on the planet.

More Resiliency: Per Square Foot!

HexcelWrap with UltraStretch technology is HexcelPack’s™ newest worldwide patent pending cell structure that takes wrapping to a new level of cushioning.

Each HexcelWrap™ cell is a hexagon and has six angled legs to provide resilience, cushioning and interlocking for the best wrapping product in the market. Now, with UltraStretch™ technology, the cell structure has a three dimensional hexagonal pattern which, provides 30% more extensible stretch per square foot, creating greater resiliency, cushioning, and better interlocking with fewer wraps. UltraStretch™ was originally designed for the MiniPack™ but its more resilient characteristics made it immediately applicable for all HexcelPack ™ products.