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List of HexcelPack™ Sustainable All-Paper Technology

United States Patents are shown with the same technology patented worldwide.

Hexcel Mini Packing Station™US patent 10,226,907 / Worldwide patents pending
Hexcel Mini Packing Station Bar Unit™Worldwide patents pending
MiniPack™US Patent 10,532,882 / Worldwide patents pending
HexcelWrap Shipping container™Worldwide patents pending
HexcelWrap™ with UltraStretch™US patent 10,669,086 / Worldwide patents pending
Hexcel’ope™US patent 10,669,086 / Worldwide patents pending
Hexcel’ope machinery™Worldwide patents pending
Hexcel WrapPad™Worldwide patents pending
MicroCel™: Curby MailerWorldwide patents pending
HexaFil™Worldwide patents pending
Fil-in-a-box™Worldwide patents pending
Hexafil™ Manual DispenserUS patent 10,669,086 / Worldwide patents pending
Hexafil™ Auto DispenserWorldwide patents pending

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