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HexcelPack, LLC is a wrapping paper co providing gift packing in a cushioning wrap sheet.

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Your complete solution for protective packaging

Mini Packing Station introduction

What makes HexcelWrap superior to other packaging products:

  • Cushioning:  Eliminate damage with exceptional protection.  The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that traps all of your items.
  • Source Reduction:  Reduces your wrap and void fill packaging materials to just HexcelWrap. Saving space, logistics, time and money.
  • Eliminate taping:  The hexagonal cells keep HexcelWrap from unraveling.

The Mini Packing Station Pro uses no electricity making it intuitive, fast, and very easy to use.

Let us send you a sample to try:


Perfect for glassware, stemware, ceramics, china, porcelain, bottles, jars, electronics, jewelry, fine art, wine, collectables, cosmetics, 
​virtually anything requiring protective packaging,

​HexcelWrap is an all-paper recyclable, biogradable  and compostable  Bubble Wrap alternative.  HexcelWrap does not leak air and will keep your products in place with its inherent interlocking design.


Void Fill

HexcelPack offers a protective paper solution for your wrapping and voidfill needs.

  • Sustainability Made from paper, the most sustainable, reusable, compostable, recyclable material on the planet.  Your customers will thank you for using an all Green wrapping product.
  • SpeedWithout taping and easy tearing at exactly the right amount, you can expect 25-50% faster packing speeds.
  • Storage spaceTakes up to 80% less space than the competition by shipping flat.  As you wrap, the product expands into its engineered hexagonal cells.
  • Trainingsee our many videos for just the product you ship.  Don't see it? - request it!

Maximum Cushioning      Low Cost     Fast     Easy-to-use      100% Recyclable     Dust Free

"Hexcel has been a tremendous solution for us. As a sustainability-focused company, we refused to use bubble wrap, but couldn’t find a reasonable time or cost effective solution… that is until Hexcel. The aesthetic is great, it’s easy to use and our products arrive in great condition!"