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HexcelPack, LLC is a wrapping paper co providing gift packing in a cushioning wrap sheet.

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Your complete solution for protective packaging

Mini Packing Station introduction

What makes HexcelWrap superior to other packaging products:

  • Cushioning:  Eliminate damages with exceptional protection.  The hexagonal cells creates an interlocking web that traps all your items.
  • Source Reduction:  Reduces your wrap and void fill packaging materials to just HexcelWrap. Saving space, logistics, time and money.
  • Eliminate taping:  The hexagonal cells keep HexcelWrap from unraveling.

The Mini Packing Station Pro uses no electricity making it intuitive, fast, and very easy to use.

  • Sustainability Made from paper, the most sustainable, reusable, compostable, recyclable material on the planet.  Your customers will thank you for using an all Green wrapping product.
  • SpeedWithout taping and easy tearing at exactly the right amount, you can expect 25-50% faster packing speeds.
  • Storage spaceTakes up to 80% less space than the competition by shipping flat.  As you wrap the product expands into its engineered hexagonal cells.
  • Trainingsee our many videos for just the product you ship.  Don't see it - request it!

"Hexcel has been a tremendous solution for us. As a sustainability-focused company, we refused to used bubble wrap, but couldn’t find a reasonable time or cost effective solution… that is until Hexcel. The aesthetic is great, it’s easy to use and our products arrive in great condition!"

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Perfect for glassware, stemware, ceramics, china, porcelain, bottles, jars, electronics, jewelry, fine art, wine, collectables, cosmetics, 
​virtually anything requiring protective packaging

​HexcelWrap is an all-paper recyclable, biogradable  and compostable  Bubble Wrap alternative.  HexcelWrap does not leak air and will keep your products in place with its inherent interlocking design.


Void Fill

Maximum Cushioning      Low Cost     Fast     Easy-to-use      100% Recyclable     Dust Free