HexcelWrap™ is made of 100% PEFC Canadian Paper

HexcelWrap is made of 100% PEFC Canadian Paper and yields superior protection to bubble, with little to no impact on the environment or the ecosystem of the oceans.

The Hexcel Mini Packing Station is extremely compact and will fit on just about any sized packing table. It is intuitive, easy to use, and once you have the paper flowing properly, it comes off the roll fully expanded and ready to wrap. It requires little effort and does not need any automation to work. Depending on how you dispense it, one can use the manual expander so that HexcelWrap can be used in a way that leaves a one hundred percent ZERO carbon footprint.

Introducing HexcelPack™ HexcelWrap™

The most protective, cost effective, and environmentally friendly wrapping system for all of your shipping needs!

  • Protective wrap
  • Replaces traditional bubble and bubble on demand.
  • Cost effective and operationally efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces damages
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention
  • Available in white paper
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HexcelWrap™ is the best, most sustainable packaging solution. Period.

See how HexcelWrap™ can improve your packaging from day 1!

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