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Understanding your packaging requirements will provide solutions to reduce costs, increase your customer satisfaction and provide faster packing. The people at HexcelPack™ have years of packaging experience to help you with this.

Using HexcelWrap™ with UltraStretch™ technology, you would wrap as many times as you would with bubble, but HexcelWrap™ will not leak, so often times, you are able to use less. This would enable smaller boxes, or a greater use of void fill which is typically less expensive.
Hexafil™ as Void Fill:
Use Hexafil™ as void fill when exceptional cushioning is necessary or when fragile items are close to the edge of the box. In this instance, it is far cheaper to use Hexafil™ than to have the costs associated with returns and replacement of the items damaged.

Below are some guidelines to get started. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

The most important three questions:
1. How many fragile items am I packing in the same box?
  • The more fragile items within the box typically the more wrapping per item you will need
2. Are they all the same or do they vary in size and shape?
  • Various shapes and sizes require more wrapping so edges of one item do not create a sharp contact on an adjacent item.
3. Is the box strong enough to keep the outside out?
  • Many times the box used is too weak to protect items from outside impact. This results in boxes that are dented, with burst tape areas, that greatly impact damage.
The more obvious questions are:
1. How fragile is the item? More wrapping required
2. How heavy is the item? More wrapping required
3. How unusually shaped is the item? Sharp edges and protrusions require more wrap as well.

To get the the least amount of packaging with the best protection can take a bit of experimentation.
HexcelPack is happy help you with this as well.

How do I reduce how much I use?

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