The Mini Pack™

The Mini Pack is an all-in-one solution for the home/office and intermittent cushioning for the industrial/e-commerce company.

Benefits of Using The Mini Pack™
Wrapping has never been easier and more secure.
  • The Mini Pack™ includes the HexcelWrap™ and is an all-in-one packing station ideal for individuals looking to pack, ship, or store their valuables.
  • An affordable solution that makes wrapping easy.
The Benefits of HexcelWrap™
  • HexcelWrap™is lightweight and strong to pack
  • Continuous perforation allows you to tear your pack at the most efficient custom length without cutting.
  • HexcelWrap™’s proprietary design self-seals so that no tape is necessary.
  • HexcelWrap™ is less expensive to use and minimizes shrinkage.
  • HexcelWrap™ also arrives flat and expands as you wrap

Just wrap your product, tear easily and quickly, and pack your items for safe damage-free shipping. HexcelWrap™ is more protective than all other leading paper and plastic wrapping products.
The MiniPack™ 300  ideal for individual use (in home or office) 300SqFt.
Affordable. Easy to Use. Easy to Store.
(Ship in US Continental Only)

Buy more than 1
The Mini Pack™ 1400 is ideal for e-commerce intermittent use - 1400 SqFt.  It is the same roll size as the industrial Mini packing Station.
Affordable. Easy to Use. Easy to Store.
(Ship in US Continental Only)


Why is the paper not stretching?

How do I keep it from sliding towards me when I wrap?

The paper ripped and is inside the box, how do I get it?

Why is the Velcro only on one side?