Product Literature
Hexcel'ope™ licensed to: Intertape Polymer Group
HexcelPack™, as a socially and sustainably responsible company is excited to launch the next generation of protective packaging: The Hexcel'ope™.  

Through our partnership in North America with Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) the Hexcel'ope™ from HexcelPack™, has been licensed to IPG as the 100% curbside recyclable Curby Mailer™. The Curby Mailer™ will be a leading product of IPG’s sustainable suite of products that are all curbside recyclable.  

As E-commerce shipping volumes continue to rise, and consumers become ever more aware of their environmental impact, the Curby Mailer™ is the logical next step in packaging. Curby products from IPG promote a circular economy and help answer these E-commerce growth challenges for users and consumers of the product.

We at Hexcel Pack™ look forward to understanding your packaging needs and how we can help achieve your protective and sustainability goals.

Coming in 2021