A truly innovative design for manual package filling

Hexcel Fil In a Box is HexcelPack’s innovative design that dispenses HexaFil in a recyclable corrugated box which can be used as easily as HexcelWrap. As the HexaFil void fill comes off the roll, it spirals just like a helix using the same “slit paper technology” used in HexcelWrap, creating the bulk required for efficient void fill.

Because the HexaFil™ has the same hexagon design as HexcelWrap™, it naturally interlocks with items wrapped with HexcelWrap™, insuring that items then packed will be nestled together in a stable position, less likely to shift during delivery. When using HexaFil™ together with HexcelWrap™, an organic synergy is achieved in which the items to be shipped are ingeniously protected and remain stabilized in the center of the void fil by nature of the interlocking hexagonal design.
HexcelPack HexaFil In A Box

  • Engineered Void fill for Exceptional Paper Cushioning
  • HexaFil Provides protection you have come to expect from our HexcelWrap Product line.
  • Protect your products with the ultimate void fill.
  • 100% Recyclable and Sustainable
  • Interlocking cells fills the void in the box.
  • HexaFil eliminates movement of product during transport.
  • Perfect void fill for E-commerce shipping.
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Auto & Manual HexaFil Solutions

Introducing a whole new sustainable, cushioning void filler solution for the E‑Commerce market

Available with Automatic or Manual dispensers for various shipping speeds, HexcelPack’s HexaFil combines product protection and sustainability.

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Hexcel Fil In a Box™ provides superior void fill cushioning for fast and easy packing.

See how Hexcel Fil In a Box™ can improve your packaging from day 1!

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