Manufactured in the US with  marine grade 11 layer plywood with precision anodized aluminum side frames and rubber feet.

Assembles in under three minutes with six philips head screws.

Never wears out

Packaging machinery automation without electricity

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Mini Packing Station Pro

The industrial packing table is changing.  The old wide and deep design has been replaced with tables that are compact and crowded.  Add space to your table with the Mini Packing Station Pro.  It is space-saving, easily movable, and refills in seconds.  With a small footprint of 18" wide x 13" deep, packaging will never  be easier or more productive.  It weighs 4 pounds empty and 21 pounds when loaded with a full roll of HexcelWrap.  As your busy season outpaces your packing department, The Mini Packing Station Pro, can easily adapt.  And don't expect any less from a non-powered machine.  It is as fast as a if it were powered and training is within minutes providing high speed packing and wrapping for all your fragile items. Call us for a free sample or a trial unit to see if HexcelPack can increase the efficiency of your packing site.  

Mini Packing Station Pro Specifications:

17” W x 13.25” D x 10.5” H
(with roll installed)

Weight:  4 lbs.
(without roll)

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