Material:  100% Recyclable 
FSC certified paper

Paper Width:  12” (expanded)
Length when stretched:  1400 feet
Cushioned Area:  1,400 square feet per roll

Roll Weight:  18 lbs.

Shipping  Weight: 20 lbs.

Shipping Size: 19x11x11

Part  #:  H1002

Made in the USA

HexcelWrap is made from paper with rows of slits.  Each slit above is centered over the un-slit portion below. As the paper is stretched, the slits rotate  into an hexagonal shape creating all six sides using three rows of slits.  Hexagons are created with the unique fiber properties that are found in paper creating the precise angles.          Copyright © 2017  HexcelPack, LLC  All rights reserved.            (855) HEXCEL 1

HexcelPack, LLC is a wrapping paper co providing gift packing in a cushioning wrap sheet.

HexcelPack, HexcelWrap and Mini Packing Station are trademarks of HexcelPack, LLC all rights reserved

Bubble Wrap is a trademark of Sealed Air Corporation

Exceptional protection for cushioning and void fill

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