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Lightweight and strong, HexcelWrap™ Pro lowers shipping costs by reducing your box size over conventional wrapping products while providing superior protection. HexcelWrap™ Pro is less expensive to use and minimizes shrinkage.  For added protection, HexcelWrap™ Pro can be easily formed into any shape for custom void fill.

HexcelWrap™ Pro

Wrapping has never been easier and more secure. HexcelWrap™ Pro arrives flat and expands as you wrap.  Continuous perforation allows you to tear your pack at the most efficient custom length without cutting. HexcelWrap™ Pro’s proprietary design self-seals so that no tape is necessary. Just wrap your product, tear easily and quickly, and pack your items for safe damage-free shipping. HexcelWrap™ Pro is more protective than all other leading paper and plastic wrapping products.!Apx0ljU-7wpygvFnyxQC7UMvZlquMg