Fil-in-a-box / Manual Hexafil

Automated Coming Soon


Superior void fill cushioning

  • Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Won't Compress
  • Superior Protection
  • Interlocks with HexcelWrap for added protection
  • 1700 Lineal feet per roll stretched
  • Easy to Store
  • Takes up very little space
  • Box size 15x10x10
  • Weight 20 pounds

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Order Fil-in-a-box™ to Pack, Ship, and Store Your Valuables with the peace of mind knowing they are protected and safe for the earth.


Manual Dispenser

Superior void fill cushioning

Hexafil manual unit is simple to load and simple to use.

Works as simply as the Fil-in-the-box 

Adjustable height from 12 to 40" 

Quickly and securely clamps to the table

Everything you need to install is included

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Try the Fil-in-a-box to evaluate

Automatic units  available for 2021