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HexcelPack, LLC is a wrapping paper co providing gift packing in a cushioning wrap sheet.

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Frequently asked Questions       (855) 439-2351 x 3

  1. How do I reduce how much I use?  HexcelWrap interlocks - use that to your advantage:

    • ​​If more than one fragile item is to go in the same box, see if you can wrap them together - wrap the first once and then place the second in position to wrap. This will cut down on the amount you use. 

    • Keep the wrapped fragile items together so the interlocking of HexcelWrap will keep items from migrating.

    • If a heavy item is placed in the box you may want to lightly wrap the item so it will also interlock with the fragile items.

  2. It's ripping!​

    • ​​Too much tension - turn screw counter clockwise.
    • Paper roll is rubbing against the side - make sure it is centered.
    • Make sure the paper has not "telescoped" on the paper core and is under the roll-holder.  The Roll holder is what presses on the paper core.  If the paper core has slid outward from the HexcelWrap it can carry a few layers of paper with it. This is usually very easy to fix by tapping the paper core back towards the HexcelWrap roll.  
  3. ​I can't turn the screw down!
    • ​​unscrew and try again, make sure you turn gently and keep the screw upright.  Don't force.
  4. ​​The Packing Station slides forward.
    • ​​Make sure the wrap feeds from under the roll.
    • The rubber feet are missing.
    • The table is dusty
    • Still not working? Place a double sided adhesive on the front rubber feet.
  5. ​Other issues:  Please call (855) 439-2351 x 3 for help