About Us

            HexcelPack™, with its many international patents for innovative sustainable packaging solutions, was founded in 2014. Known throughout the packaging industry as the creator of slit paper technology, Hexcel Pack™ products have risen to outperform the competition within the packaging world of cushioning.  HexcelWrap™ is currently used by the top three retailers in the US and a few of the top 10 largest corporations in the world.

            With its philosophy of environmental sustainability, coupled with its product’s superior cushioning characteristics, Hexcel Pack™ is peerless in the industry with its flagship product HexcelWrap™, a curbside recyclable cushioning wrap. Now, with its newest product release Hexafil™ void fill, HexcelPack™ continues to dominate the packaging industry with its ecologically friendly,  superior, protective packaging products.

            Coupled with Hexafil™, HexcelWrap™ will address all of any shipping company’s packing and void fill needs. With over 15,000 manual Mini Packing Stations placed throughout the world, HexcelPack’s™ dispensing design for HexcelWrap™ and Hexafil™  is simple, affordable, and totally green to use,  minimizing the carbon footprint. This is just another of the many ways HexcelPack™ products protect the environment.

            Taking a piece of paper and slitting it, so that it maximizes its volume, and at the same time, utilizing the integrity of its strength (the stiffness of the fibers) and cutting it at the correct angle to make it flex, creates an enormous cushion. This is the backbone of HexcelPack’s™ patented design used in HexcelWrap™ and Hexafil™.

            HexcelWrap™ with UltraStretch™ technology takes it even further in the protective packaging industry by using unique paper.  Hexcel Pack’s™ paper has inherent characteristics that enhance the efficacy of its initial slit paper technology and take protective paper wrap to where no one has ever succeeded.

            Today, HexcelPack’s™ driving influence, whether its envelopes, void fill, protective wrap, or all of the various ways that paper can be used in lieu of plastic, is to provide the best cushioning possible, using the most sustainable material available. That’s really what HexcelPack™ is all about. It’s that simple. HexcelPack™  took a piece of paper and made it into a three-dimensional  cushioning product that replaces traditional plastic, bubble and other paper based protective packaging mediums.